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Sales-Focused Marketing Strategy Workshop



You may need a better roadmap to customer engagement and business growth. 

There are 8-steps that every one of your potential clients must take to go from “What the hell do you do/sell?” all the way to “Everybody needs your thing!” – this is called your Customer's Journey.


In our Streamlined Sales Workshop, we’ll go "all in" to help you dig into the psychology of your core target client and how to speak to them, uncover each step they'll go on before buying your service product, and develop the exact products and systems you'll need to implement in order to sell more and start grow your business. 


For the grand finale, we will help you understand how to track the success of your sales system and understand where to make adjustments to keep growing your business in the future.



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​During our 2hr workshop, you will...

  • Learn the 8-Step Customer Sales Journey

  • Dig deep into your Ideal Customer Avatar and create copy that will speak directly to them

  • Brainstorm opportunities and identify gaps along the journey

  • Complete your customer sales journey map 

  • Identify where to upgrade your marketing and how to employ automation 

  • Receive our tech stack, additional free trainings & reccomended service providers (web developers, copywriters, graphic designers, and more)