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Your business is taking off (how exciting!), but you’re stuck doing all the things.  You know sales and marketing should take precedent. But even with a team supporting you, managing everything has gotten complicated.

Marketing is painful to organize and control.

Chances are, you’ve outsourced all or a portion of your marketing needs to freelances, agencies, contractors or employees. But how well are they helping your business grow? 


It’s impossible to jump to the next level when you’re tied down wearing all the hats. How are you supposed to find time to work ON scaling your business, if you’re too busy with the day-to-day management? 

Hello, I’m Victoria, Virtual Sales & Marketing Director.

I am obsessed with sales-focused marketing strategies that help bring more revenue into your business.  Just like any full-time employee, I am committed to supporting your vision and learning your business from the inside out. My job is to strengthen your sales processes and marketing program, translate it into an actionable plan, then manage your team to achieve all their targets.


Typically, a full-time Director of Sales and Marketing (DOSM) costs roughly $160k+ a year. I, however, am available as necessary only when you need me most. This controls your cost and allows you the power to feel liberated knowing that the marketing is being looked after by someone who is experienced and passionate about supporting your bottom line.

Victoria Hajjar is a skilled saleswoman and marketing specialist with a proven record of success across several markets around the world. She has established herself as a sales and marketing director first in Shanghai, where she was coined by CNN as a "social media player."


She is driven by creative insight but able to intuitively check and optimize the marketing strategies she puts into play by closely monitoring metrics data and reporting results. She adores working with tenacious business owners and entrepreneurs to help make brilliant brands shine and ultimately generate more sales through skillfully crafted marketing programs.

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